Abstract Artwork

abstract artwork, original art, oil paintings


Glory Jesus

 Abstract art, oil paintings, stark black and white ink drawings, and mixed media. 

All of the work is done in series format.  Very primal and instinctual in their appeal; they add a great dimension to the room they are in.

The gallery is all original abstract art by Steven Stutz:  visual artist / poet.                                                                                                           

Artist Statement

What beautiful balance is this that allows such a delicate flower to exist in the midst of a war with such incredibly powerful players

Artist Bio

 I started painting in Seattle in 1996.  I was interested in the galleries at the time and started to visit as many as I could.  When I came home from my visits I was stirred up and wanted to express something.  Somehow I just "understood" abstract art and knew I wanted to make it.  So I began.  I first started with oils and then I moved home to Indiana so I could use a manufacturing plant as studio space.   My father owned a plant and I had grown up working in it most of my youth.  I already had knowledge of materials and tools that most people would have to pay money to take classes and learn.  I was very excited and got right to work.  I started painting with automotive paints and board.  The effects that come from breaking all of the rules I have learned are amazing.  I love the effects of mixing enamel and laquer.  The detailed chemical effect is a beautiful thing.  It is like organizing chaos with instinct and knowledge.  I called it the "Light vs Darkness" series and it holds a special place in my heart.  

       The  next series I did was very large dimentions; several were 5 to 6 feet in length and width.  I learned a lot from them and they were more like abstract self portraits really.  They were acrylic and oil and I spent many late nights working on them.  All by myself at three or four in the morning with a quiet downtown below me, I wrestled with them.  Then I worked on a series in oil pastels on paper which, really became more of a study for the next series in oil and oil pastel on canvas.  This I call "Light vs Dark" it is about contrast but does not carry the dark emotions  that "Light vs Darkness" carries.  The dimentions of this series are 30" x 54".

       During the Light vs Dark series I became very interested in symbols and phrases and how they combined in a collage to affect the psyche.  I began playing with that concept and wrestling with color and layers of color that create a whole new color to the naked eye.  This was a true challenge for me and I learned a lot about color theory and my own personal likes and dislikes of color combinations.  After this series I needed a break from the difficulties of color theory and I decided to focus on black and white for a while.  I had never done a black and white series and it was time.  I chose to do it in ink because I had never worked in ink either and I liked the idea of playing with symbols more.  I have for a long time been fascinated by the colors and over the top busyness of the circus.  To me it is one of the most beautiful and intrigueing artistic venues.  It is filled with color and dramatic stark images.  Everything is bold and comitted to its essence.  So I began the "Circus Series".  It is a bold black and white ink series on paper that creates a link to the images I have of the circus.  The compositions are improbable if not impossible and the symbols are there to trigger the psyche and hidden associations it might have. 

       I created some digital images recently ie:  "Lava" series,  "Fragmented" series, "Electric Sun" series.  All of which I enjoy a great deal.  I find the Electric Sun series to be my favorite of the digital and I am looking in to the possibility of running gyclee prints.  If I get an interest I will probably do it.

      I am preparing both canvas and board supports for 2 seperate series.  I miss the paint and color and it is time!  I hope to be elbow deep in paint within a couple weeks.


New Paintings

I have added a new series to my Gallery.  I call it the "Plate Scape" Series.  I have been working as a pastry and sushi chef for a couple years now and the plate scaping for garnish and decor inspired these works.  The original composition is done the same with black paint and there is only one shot at getting it right.  Unless, I want to scrape off let dry and sand and reprime.  I like the spontenaity of the compostion and the textures and colors are added later.  These abstract paintings are unique and they favor the quick decision which I like.  I am still working on the second half of the series but I have some posted.